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Pakistan seeks help from the UK Govt. to Deport Nawaz Sharif

deport Nawaz Sharif

A letter has been written to the government of United Kingdom in order to make a request to send back the former minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif back to the homeland, as per a media report submitted on Tuesday.

According to a letter, Nawaz Sharif is an offender in corruption cases; hence he needs to be sent back to Pakistan. The letter further states that his bail period has been expired and now he should return back so that he can complete his jail duration. Also, a completely legal process will be carried out to bring the former PM and PML-N’s leader back to Pakistan.

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The Ex-Prime Minister has also failed to show the medical reports to the board which has been formed by the high court of Islamabad.

This letter has specifically been written on the request of Punjab government.

Nawaz Sharif was declared an absconder as he violated the bail requirements and this is the reason why the government did not extend his bail.

The PML-N leader was asked many times by the Punjab government to submit his medical reports from any hospital in London but he failed to do so instead he sent a medical certificate which was unacceptable by the board formed by High Court Islamabad.

Nawaz Sharif has been regarded as a convict in corruption cases. He was granted with a bail of eight weeks so that he could get his treatments from abroad. For this purpose, he left for London with his doctor and brother Shehbaz Sharif on 19th November 2019. And since then the whole family has not been able to provide any valid medical reports for his treatment which is why questions are being raised, also suspicion and concerns are coming through.

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