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Pakistan & Saudi Arabia will sign Hajj Agreement on Feb 1st

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will sign Hajj Agreement tomorrow on February 1st. The agreement will have all the terms and conditions of the whole Hajj journey and all information regarding Hajj will be written on it.

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf is going to Saudi Arab to sign the agreement tomorrow in a ceremony. This is confirmed by a Ministry of Religious Affairs official.

As per the official, the minister will also discuss the reason for the delay in hajj balloting.

On January 26th the balloting was scheduled but was delayed as the stay order was issued by Sindh High Court (SHC). Moreover, the Lahore High Court also postponed the balloting of 17% quota on January 25th.

Secretary Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Khalid Masood informed that the balloting has been postponed because of the different decisions from three different courts on the quota-related matter. He said that the Lahore High Court (LHC) had instructed that the government and private scheme quota should be fifty-fifty.

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The official said, “The minister will officially inform the Saudi government about possible delays in hajj arrangements because of the court’s stay order.”

The ministry will provide an opinion in Sindh High Court today stating that a specific part in Hajj Policy 2018 is un-Islamic.

He added, “The government will pursue its hajj policy according to the SHC verdict.” He informed that the ministry is doing its utmost to provide the best accommodations and transport facility for the pilgrims.

Moreover the official informed that the minister will attend meeting with many other known officials and discuss the Hajj Policy.

The minister will enlighten the Saudi officials about the total Hajj pilgrims for 2018, their date of submission for passports, total number of buses needed for them and the total flights coming from Pakistan.