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Pakistan Reports Highest 24-hour Jump in Cases and Fatalities

According to the data from the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination, Pakistan has reported its highest 24-hour jump in cases at 520. Also, the highest single-day total of fatalities was recorded with 17 deaths taking total fatalities in Pakistan to 124.

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The situation is just aggravating day by day as traders and police clashed in Gilgit Baltistan after police order closure of shops. Police closed down all the shops except for the grocery stores and pharmacies. The decision was altered by the Gilgit Baltistan ministries as they earlier announced relaxation in lockdown.

In Sindh 340 new cases of coronavirus were reported as per the provincial government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab. The total number of cases in Sindh reached 2008.

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Coronavirus will impact the whole world, however, the developing countries will take the worst hit, as stated by the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi

In other news, the Ulema and religious scholars have decided to conduct daily prayers and Friday prayers in Mosques despite the aggravating situation amid the coronavirus pandemic. They claim that precautions will be taken. Also, they have advised elderly people to stay at home.

Coronavirus pandemic is said to be the worst economic crisis the world has faced since the Great Depression.

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