Pakistan reopens Wagah Border to ease Afghanistan’s Transit Trade


The spokesperson of the foreign office said that the government of Pakistan has decided to reopen the Wagah border in order to facilitate Afghan exports.

Wagah border is going to reopen on the 15th of July to help Afghanistan’s Transit Trade. It has been made mandatory for all to follow proper safety SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) prescribed by the government.

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This step shows that Pakistan has successfully fulfilled its obligations under an agreement made between the two countries known as the Pakistan-Afghanistan Transit Trade Agreement. According to the spokesperson, with this development, Pakistan has restored all its transit and bilateral trade with Afghanistan the way they were before the coronavirus pandemic.

Pakistan will also further assist and support Afghanistan’s transit trade, assured the Foreign office of Pakistan.

Earlier, Pakistan closed all its borders in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic to stop the virus from spreading more.  

On the other hand, it has been decided by the NCOC (National Command and Control Center) that the cattle markets should be allowed to operate from

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