Pakistan Reopens Airspace for All


Pakistan has reopened its airspace for all the civil traffic, which includes the Indian flight, almost 5 months after it was closed after the rising tension with India this year.

As per a notice to airmen—NOTMAS on the website of the authority with immediate effect the Pakistan airspace is open for all types of civil traffic on the advertised ATS—Air Traffic Service routes.

Previously, Pakistan had closed its airspace for all the local and international flights on the 27th of February, a day after the Indian fighter jets broke the airspace of Pakistan,

Slowly many airports opened but the flights over Pakistan airspace were not permitted resulting in major disturbance in the flight operations for the foreign airlines. The flights that got most affected by the closure of airspace were the Indian commercial flights.

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As per reports nearly 70percent of the routes taken by the commercial Indian plans used the Pakistani airspace and every flight experiences a delay of 2 hours owing to the restriction.

The CAA had previously said that the airspace of Pakistan along its eastern border with India would remain closed until the 12th of July. The CAA had formerly extended the airspace restriction until the 30th of June.

On the 12th of June Pakistan had given the Indian Prime Minister—Narendra Modi’s plane permit to cross the airspace of Pakistan for his official trip to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit in Bishkek. The government of India requested the Pakistani government to allow the Prime Minister’s plane for crossing through its airspace, however, the route was not used.

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