Pakistan Recorded World’s Highest Deforestation Rate – LHC – Research Snipers

Pakistan Recorded World’s Highest Deforestation Rate – LHC


The Lahore High Court (LHC) said that Pakistan recorded the world’s highest annual deforestation rate. LHC said that this tendency will lead to a rise in the spread of diseases that are life-threatening.

Thus, LHC ordered the Punjab government, Defence Housing Authority, and other development authorities to formulate a detailed policy for the plantation of trees. Also, LHC has asked the relevant authorities to penalize those who are cutting trees and damaging the environment.

LHC revealed that the deforestation rate in Pakistan has been estimated between 0.2 and 0.5 percent per annum. This is the highest in the world, accounting for 4 to 6% decline in the biomass of wood per annum.

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The natural forest cover has diminished to 3.32m hectares from 3.59 million hectares. It has been reduced at an average rate of 27,000 hectares per year, as per Justice Jawad Hasan. He cited the  National Environment Information System’s (NEIMS) 2010 research report and said that the natural resources are depleting at an alarming rate.

The LHC verdict clearly stated that the tangible value of products and services of trees and forestry sector is 8 times less than the value of intangible benefits of forestation.

Earlier, we also informed our readers that Lahore High Court (LHC) has imposed Rs.25,000 for cutting a tree in Punjab.