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Pakistan Receives Nearly 12,000 Coronavirus Kits from China

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As per the reports of local media, Pakistan has received nearly 12,000 coronavirus kits from China, as the coronavirus cases count in Pakistan has jumped to 16.

Japan has also donated 10 coronavirus testing kits to Pakistan last month which were then handed over to the officials of the National Institute of Health (NIH).

The kits were provided on the request of the Pakistani government, with each kit costing US$2,000.

Besides, the coronavirus testing kits, China has also provided aid to handle the locust swarm attack in Pakistan which includes 50-ton pesticides and 15 spray machines that reached Karachi airport yesterday.

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While talking to media, the Chinese experts said that their country would be aiding the Plant Protection Department of Pakistan to remove swarms of the plant-eating locusts.

China would also be providing the special spraying equipment and vehicles to Pakistan for use in the removal of the grasshoppers that have played havoc with standing crops and orchards throughout the nation since last year, the Chinese experts added.

China would also be offering the drones to monitor the movement of the locusts throughout Pakistan.

Yao Jing, the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan gave an assurance that his nation would help Pakistan in dealing with the problem of swarms of locusts that have caused serious damage to the crops across the nation.

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