Pakistan Ranks at 142nd position in 2019 World Press Freedom Index – Research Snipers

Pakistan Ranks at 142nd position in 2019 World Press Freedom Index

Pakistan was ranked at 142nd position in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index. This means that journalists in Pakistan have been facing many issues and challenges.

According to a special report of the Pakistan Press Foundation in the last 17 years, 48 journalists have been killed. Journalists, who were unarmed were targeted as they were performing their duties.

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Moreover, the families of 11 journalists were also tortured in attacks on their homes.  

Almost 26 journalists were abducted while 5 journalists faced harassment.

In the last 17 years, 699 cases have been reported but just 5 involved in the murder and assault charges against journalists got punished.

According to the RSF report even rougher methods were used against media as the elections approached. This included intimidation, physical violence, arrests etc.

A brief report on RSF website stated,  “To that end, the new government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the creation of a Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PMRA) – in which ‘regulation’ is clearly intended to mean ‘censorship’.”

Adding, “Journalists meanwhile continue to be at risk in the field, especially in the western provinces of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where reporters are caught in the crossfire between the security forces and armed rebels. At least three journalists were killed in connection with their work in 2018. Two of them had been covering drug trafficking.”