Pakistan ranks 9th on the World Obesity Index – Research Snipers

Pakistan ranks 9th on the World Obesity Index

world obesity index

According to a study, by 2030 Pakistan would lie among the top ten most obese nations in the world.

Around 5,412,457 children are expected to grow fat in Pakistan and would make it stand at the number ninth position on the obesity Index.

The top three nations on the fatness Index are namely India, China and America.

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The numbers of school-age children and teenagers living with obesity will rise from the current estimation of 150 million to around 250 million by 2030 if it is not treated in childhood, stated by the atlas of child obesity which came out this year in October.

Poor nutrition and healthcare are the reason derived by the medical officers and the experts. Greasy food packed with carbohydrates; these kinds of diets provide the potential of changing in the coming years. This is also because of the inactive lifestyle especially found in females.

Food consumption along with some outlet to work out the consumed food is highly needed for having a healthy life, sadly this is missing.

On the other hand, as per the latest development, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Britishers have destroyed the education system of the Muslims.

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