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Pakistan Ranks 4th with 54percent Population Growth

Pakistan population growth

Pakistan has been ranked on the number 4th spot with 54percent population growth.

During the last 20 years, Pakistan has attained the number fourth spot in the world regarding population growth.

As per the Spectator Index, a website that shows statistics and rankings worldwide, Pakistan was on the 4th spot with 54percent population growth.

Nigeria topped the list with 72percent, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was on the second position with 69percent growth, and Egypt grabbed the third position with 55percent growth rate.

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The country that was at the bottom of this index was Poland with its population growth rate being negative, while Japan was a step above Poland with zero percent growth rate.

India has got a population growth of the last 20 years at 34percent, whereas the United States was on the 11th position with 18percent, while Germany attained the 17th spot with the growth rate of 1percent only.

The United Kingdom was on the 12th position with 13percent population growth rate and Italy ranked 16th with 6percent growth rate.

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