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Pakistan Ranks 4th Among Freelancer Markets

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Pakistan has ranked 4th among the freelancer markets, owing to the tremendous growth in 2019.

Pakistan has got great potential when it comes to offering the freelancing services keeping in consideration that 70 per cent of the total population in less than thirty years in age.

As per the latest published rankings by Payoneer for the freelance markets, Pakistan has been ranked at the 4th spot, much above Bangladesh and India. The list is led by the United States of America with 78 per cent over the annual revenue growth.

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In its report, Payoneer mentions that the freelancers count in the country has surged from 4 per cent in the quarter 3 of 2018 to 42 per cent in the quarter of 2019, attributing the development to the efforts of government and the surged participation in the economy.

This development and progress had been maintained majorly the youth of Pakistan, thanks to a span of the investment of government to boost their digital skills, along with a population where 70 per cent of the people are below the age of 30.

The top ten countries for freelancers as per the Global Gig Economy Index for 2019 which ranks the nations based on the data of more than 300,000 freelancers and outsourcing professionals in its network are the US, United Kingdom, Brazil, Pakistan, Ukraine, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Russia and Serbia.

As per the report, 77 per cent of the revenues earned by the freelancers of Pakistan were by the people aged under 34.

Payoneer’s Head of Business Development Pakistan, Mohsin Muzaffar has said that the nation’s blanket 4G coverage has given freelancers an unmatched access to the international markets.

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