Pakistan Ranking Drops three Points on Competitive Index in 2019

The ranking of Pakistan has dropped by three points on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) competitiveness index in 2019. The ranking has slipped down from 107 in 2018 to 110 in 2019.

The ranking is based upon the outcome of the executive survey along with the statistics from international organizations. Pakistan’s ranking has declined due to poor performance of Pakistan in press freedom area, life expectancy, corruption, governance, innovation, production, and human development.

This competitiveness index is part of the Global Competitiveness Report which is released by Mishal Pakistan.

India was ranked at 68th position by WEF.  Sri Lanka’s ranking has improved as it reached the 84th position. Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan were ranked at 105th, 108th, and 110th position.

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On terrorism incidences, Pakistan was ranked at the lowest level. The government was surprised by the decline in ranking as it has claimed that there has been a significant improvement in the war against terrorism.

The report also highlighted the improvements in the reduction of organized crime and judicial independence in Pakistan.

The report has evaluated countries ranking on the basis of 12 pillars. On 7 pillars, Pakistan’s ranking has gone down. The ranking has remained the same in one pillar while on four pillars it has improved.

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