Pakistan Ranked Second Worst Country in terms of Gender Equality

Pakistan has been ranked the second worst country in the world in terms of Gender Equality. In the ‘Global Gender Gap Index 2018’ report Pakistan is ranked at 148th position out of total of 149 countries. World Economic Forum (WEF) released the report on Tuesday.

The four worst performers in the world were Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Pak­istan. In these countries, the lowest percentage of women have managerial positions. In the South Asian region Sri Lanka and Bangladesh were the top-ranked countries closing over 72% and almost 68% gender gap. However,Pakistan had closed 55% of its total gender gap.

Disparities between the genders in 149 nations were studied by World Economic Forum. Four areas were studied regarding the gender gap that was education, health, economic opportunity, and political empowerment.

Pakistan ranked 146th in economic participations & opportunity, 145th in health and survival and 97th in political empowerment.

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In educational attainment and wage quality, a slight improvement was seen in Pakistan. Worldwide, even though advancement was made in education, health and political representation of women, only in the economic opportunity the gender gap has narrowed a bit. The global gender gap has reduced slightly in2018. In the workforce, proportionately fewer women are participating compared to women. In fields like science, technology, mathematics, engineering, men were significantly over-represented. Women had extremely low presentation in the AI technology field.

It is important that the gender gap in Pakistan and worldwide is reduced so that each and every individual take part for the betterment of the society.  

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