Pakistan ranked at 116th spot in list of corrupt countries

Pakistan is given 116th position in the list of most corrupt nations in the world, as per a report.

Pakistan was given 53rd position in 1996, 114th position in 2005 and 127th position in 2013. This is according to the Transparency International.

In the year 2016, Pakistan was ranked 116th out of 175 nations in the corruption index.

As for other nations, India and China, both received the 79th position. Saudi Arab was given 62nd position while Turkey was given 75th position.

Sri Lanka and Afghanistan ranked at 95th and 169th place respectively.

The leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah has said that cancer is spreading like cancer in all sectors whether it is public or private.

Corruption in Pakistan is a major issue, as its poison spreads in all segments and levels of society from government to police like a virus. In years, the position of Pakistan as of a corrupt nation has improved but not drastically. There is a long road to go for Pakistan and it is important that efforts are made at individual levels to eradicate corruption from our society. Blaming the government is easy but are we at our own level living a corruption-free life? First, we need to change our own selves, then bring change in our social circle and then talk about government and other higher segments of our society.

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