Pakistan Ranked as the Cheapest Country for Living

Numbeo, the largest database about cities and countries in the world has ranked Pakistan as the cheapest country for living. The website ranked Pakistan at the bottom in the list of 119 countries in ‘Cost of Living Index for Country 2019’ category.

Cost of living in Switzerland is highest, while in Pakistan it is the lowest, as per Numbeo.  20.4 is the cost of living index of Pakistan in 2019 while 4.5 is the rent index. When you add the cost of living and rent index it is 12.76. The groceries index is 18.25 as the local purchasing power index of Pakistan is 38.61.

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The most expensive country to live, Switzerland has rent index and purchasing power index of 50.25 and 129.7 respectively. Iceland, being the second most expensive country to live in has cost of living index and the purchasing power index of 101.86 and 129.7 respectively.

Following Iceland, Norway, Bahamas, and Luxembourg are the most expensive countries to live in term of their cost of living, cost of living plus and local purchasing power index.

Coming to the US, it is ranked on 20th position with 69.91 cost of the living index while the United Kingdom is ranked at 24th position with 65.28 cost of living index.

The world’s cheapest countries followed by Pakistan are Tunisia, India, Venezuela, and Kosovo.

Earlier we informed our readers that Islamabad, Karachi are among the Least Expensive Cities in the World as per the Mercer survey.

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