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Pakistan Ranked as the 13th Least Prosperous Country in the World

On the Legatum Prosperity Index in 2018, Pakistan has been ranked the 13th least prosperous country in the world. Out of total 149 nations, Pakistan was ranked at 136th position.

The criteria upon which the ranking was done includes prosperity, economic quality and business environment present in each country, governance mode, the social capital, security conditions, educational environment and the natural environment.

Pakistan’s rank has remained at the 136th position since 2017. No improvement has been seen according to Legatum Prosperity Index in prosperity in Pakistan.  In the Asian Pacific region, Pakistan ranks at the 23rd position out of the 24 countries.

The report suggested that the strongest pillar of Pakistan in this index is its governance. The political participation in Pakistan has improved on average in comparison to other nations. From last year, this is the most notable change seen in Pakistan.

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Similarly, the weakest link was the natural environment in Pakistan. In this, Pakistan ranked at 148th position globally. Due to ever-increasing environmental issues, lack of preservation efforts, Pakistan was ranked as one of the poorest countries in terms of its natural environment.

According to the report, Pakistan ranked at 56th position in economic quality. Labor force, standard of living has improved and economically all the people are being included in different fields.

In education and health sectors, Pakistan ranked at 124 and 122nd position respectively.