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Pakistan Ranked 3rd Best Country in Hydel Power Growth

Pakistan has been ranked the 3rd best country among top 20 for newly installed hydropower capacity in 2018.

United Kingdom-based renowned organization International Hydropower Association (IHA) placed Pakistan at the third position it is report named “2019: Hydropower Status Report — Sector Trends and Insights”.

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IHA was formed under UNESCO back in 1995. It aims to promote and spread good practice about hydropower. The goal of IHA is to continuously practice and improve sustainable practices.

Pakistan managed to add 2,487MW of hydel electricity in 2018 followed by China and Brazil. China was at the first spot adding 8,540MW and Brazil was at second spot adding 3,866MW to its systems.

At 4th spot was Turkey with 1085MW while Anglo was at fifth spot with 668MW respectively. India ranked at 8th position adding 535MW hydel electricity to its system.

Tajikistan was ranked at number 6 for adding 605 MW, Ecuador at number 7 for adding 556MW, India at number 8th for adding 535MW, Norway at number 9th for adding 419MW, Canada at number 10th for adding 401MW, Austria at number 11th for adding 385MW, Cambodia at number 12th for adding 300MW, Laos at number 13th for adding 254MW, Zimbabwe at number 14th for adding 150MW, United States at number 15th for adding 141MW, Iran at number 16th for adding 140MW, Congo at number 17th for adding 121MW, Colombia at number 18th for adding 111MW, Peru at number 19th for adding 111MW and Chile at number 20th for adding 110MW.