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Pakistan Railways to Launch a Smartphone App for e-Ticketing

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The Pakistan Railways is planning to launch a smartphone app for helping users to buy tickets online and keep a track on the train timings.

As per sources, the app would be making use of special trackers for providing exact speed and location of trains to the users. The internet testing of the trackers has been going on a few selected trains for measuring the performance of the application and its tracking features. The results have revealed that the application is working exactly about hundred per cent of the time, hence making the project a great success.

The trackers would now be installed on all the trains and would be providing exact speed, timing information and location to the customers.

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The app would also permit users to easily purchase tickers, giving them a much better user experience in comparison to the present methods of buying tickets.

The app would soon be launched for all the users and would be managed by the Pakistan Railways, with all the profits from the app going only to the government authority.

Recently a delegation of South Korea on the invitation of the federal minister for Railways—Sheikh Rasheed visited Pakistan to look for business opportunities in Pakistan railways.

The delegation visited with the objective of finding investment opportunities in Pakistan.

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