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Pakistan Railways to be Extended to Iran, Russia and Turkey

Pakistan Railways

Pakistan Railways would be extended to Iran, Turkey and Russia.

Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Iranian President—Hassan Rouhani are expected to meet soon, as informed by the Minister for Railways—Sheikh Rasheed who had recently visited Tehran for 2 days visit and has delivered a letter from the chief executive of Pakistan.

As per the analysts the meeting between the two would be essential, especially in the view of the tensions between Pakistan and India because of which the regional peace is at risk.

The minister of railways met the PM yesterday and told him of the outcome of the Iran visit.

While responding to a question, the minister said that Pakistan Railways would establish departmental cooperation with Iran and Turkey in the coming days.

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He also told the questioner that the PM would be inaugurating the newly built VIP train, Jinnah Express on the 30th of March which would run between the Cantts of Karachi and Lahore. The one-way fare of this train would be Rs7,000.

He informed that another VIP train, Sir Syed Express would also be inaugurated soon for the facilitation of the elite class passengers. The fare of the train would be Rs10,000.

The minister added that railways would soon be extended up to Iran, Turkey, Russia and Afghanistan. Turkey and Iran have given assurance for their cooperation for the purpose.

He gave assurance to the workers of the railways that he would struggle for the upgradation of their grades in the budget to come, and also announced Rs3,000 each for the railway workers on behalf of the PM.

He announced that the Lahore Railway Station would be made a model railway station soon.

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