Pakistan Railway Trains will be upgraded

Pakistan Railways

Federal Railways Minister said on Tuesday that all the required resources are being provided on priority to upgrade trains, during a high echelon officials meeting at the Railways headquarters.

He further said the current upgradation is underway for Awam Express after this, Pakistan Railways will upgrade Allama Iqbal Express next year which routes between Sialkot and Karachi Cantt. Along with Allama Iqbal Express, Khyber Mail running between Peshawar to Karachi, Akbar Express running routes between Lahore to Quetta and Bahauddin Zakaria and Express running between Multan and Karachi will also be upgraded on a priority basis.

Pakistan is still 100 years behind in Railways and Trains technology, the government of Pakistan was unable to set priorities for the betterment of the country, instead to developing railway systems the government is pouring money into motorways, bridges and metro buses.

Besides this, developed countries are developing the train that boggles the mind, China is after developing a flying train while Netherlands is shifting the railway system to run on renewable wind energy.

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