Pakistan Railway E-Ticketing System Made Annual Sales Record

The digital ways of doing business are not only fast but also guarantees successful outcomes in most cases. Pakistan Railways e-ticketing system is one such digital implementation in business that brought record-breaking outcomes. The e-ticketing system of Pakistan Railways has made a record of ten million ticket sales in just one year.

The system was introduced by the government back in 2007 but was closed and was again relaunched in October last year (that is October 2016). Through this system, the commuters could get their choice of seats as per their convenience using smartphones or a computer.

The e-ticketing system payments could be done using debit or credit cards. The payments could also be done using JazzCash Mobile Accounts or JazzCash Agents for paying their booked e-tickets.

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Other than this for the first time ever in the span of 125 years of Pakistan Railways, the government has started the option of getting duplicate tickets and till now one million duplicate tickets have been issued.

Pakistan Railways is for sure under tough waters as the government undertaken bulk projects did not bring the kind of betterment to the system as was expected.

Previously a Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) was also introduced by the government for digitizing the complete data records of the lands owned by the railway department. The government has taken many projects to work upon, but the positive changes would take time to apparently become noticeable.

Online ticketing system provided ease to the users but side by side the need for better transportation facilities is also required by the commuters.

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