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Pakistan Proposes Single Tourist Visa for all Carec States

Pakistan has proposed the introduction of a single tourist visa for all the Central Asia Reg­ional Economic Coope­ration (Carec) member states. Also, a similar marketing strategy will be formulated for well-organized and cost-effective development and in order to promote interlinked tourist attractions and services in the bloc.

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Prime Minister’s adviser on Institutional and Governance Reforms Dr. Ishrat Husain spoke at the Carec Forum on Sustainable Tourism Development and said that the 11 member states had their own interests and also shared same attractions that can be connected together.

For the May 1-5 annual meeting of the ADB board of governors, participants are still coming in. For the first time, a Pacific developing member country will host to provide an opportunity to discuss the development issues that are being faced by Asia and the Pacific. The theme of this year’s event is  ‘prosperity through unity’.

The interactions will be attended by minister, central bank governors, government officials, private sector reps, academic researchers, civil society and media people.

Dr. Husain spoke at the 52nd annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank at the tourist hotspot of Fiji and said that the international tourism trends are changing to multi-country hopping tourism from single country tourism.

He gave an example and said that the shared religious and mountainous linkages in Samarkand, Bukhara, Kandahar, Kabul, and Lahore must be promoted as leverage to everyone’s strengths and advantages.

It is important to have private sector tour operators to overcome language hurdles with common interpreters of Carec in order to make sure that the hassle-free and efficient tourism industry is created.