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Pakistan Prepares for War – JF-17 Aircraft Patrols Lahore

Pakistani armed forces are totally prepared for war as Pakistan JF-17 aircraft was seen patrolling Lahore, Sialkot and near the Line of Control (LoC).

Different videos were uploaded by citizens confirming that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets were patrolling over the skies in Lahore on Thursday.

A few hours after Prime Minister Imran Khan told the armed forces to retaliate in case India conduct’s any misadventure, these aircraft were seen thundering in the skies.

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The situation in Kashmir on the LoC borders is quite tensed following the Pulwama attack.

Let us look at some of the tweets posted by the Pakistani public

“Pakistan Air Force on high alert with F-16s and JF-17s taking to the skies in search of intruding prey. But in my opinion, we need not waste air fuel and flying hours of our birds looking for Indian aircraft. They do not have it in them to fight an actual war!”

Another Twitterati user said, “Saw in Lahore
PAF jet fighters patrolled as PM authorized the Military to counter any misadventure from India.”