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Pakistan Prepares for the First State Visit of The Saudi Crown Prince

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Preparations are underway for welcoming the Saudi Crown Prince—Mohammed Bin Salman, commonly referred to as MbS, on his first state visit of 2-days to Pakistan. During his visit it is expected that huge investment deals would be made.

Interior Ministry has finalised the needed security arrangements for the upcoming visit of the Saudi Prince and his delegation.

On Monday a senior official at the ministry informed that they had conducted back to back meetings during the last few days for the purpose and all related stakeholders had been taken in consultation in this context.

As per the Saudi Ambassador—Nawaf Bin Saad Al Maliki, the 33-year old prince would be reaching Pakistan with a big delegation on the 16th of February.

He is scheduled to land on Sunday in Islamabad for an overnight stay. He would be staying in the Prime Minister’s House while the other delegation members would be settled in the local hotels and Punjab House.

A gym has also been set up in the PM House for the Saudi prince.

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5 trucks full of furniture and fitness equipment have reached Islamabad days before the royal visit.

2 of the top-class hotels in the federal capital have also been fully booked for the members of the prince’s staff, while 2 others have been booked partially.

The crown prince’s media and security teams have also reached the capital city before his visit on the invitation of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

As per diplomatic sources, 123 Saudi Arabian Royal Guards have reached Pakistan on Tuesday night. They would be continuously on duty for the security of the prince during his Pakistan visit.

The vehicles that would be used by the crown prince would reach a day before he would be landing in Islamabad. The government has booked 300 super luxury Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles for the royal visit.

However, Prince Mohammad would be using his personal vehicles, which would also be transported from Saudi Arabia besides his other belongings. It is believed that 80 containers would also be shipped to the federal capital for the crown prince’s stay.

As per sources, everything that would be used by the Saudi visitors would be brought from the Kingdom. The decision on th number of vehicles to be brought from the Kingdom would be taken at a high-level security meeting in Islamabad today.

Pakistan Army commandos would be positioned at important points during his visit.

An interior ministry official said that they are focusing on providing fool proof security to the crown prince and to his delegation. He added that the delegation would comprise of the members of the Saudi Royal family, renowned businessmen of the Kingdom and high government officials.

Mohammed Bin Salman, with a delegation of nearly 1,100 officials and businessmen, would be attending the international investment conference which is to take place in Islamabad in the week to come. The Saudi crown prince would be the guest of honour.

Negotiations would also be held for attracting the Saudi investment. Both sides are prepared to sign 4 memorandums of understandings (MoUs) costing $15billion.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has already guaranteed a $6billion package for Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan is also planning to give a 20-year tax holiday on the making of oil-refinery at Gwadar.

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