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Pakistan Post “Same Day Delivery Service” Launched

Pakistan Post has launched ‘Same Day Delivery Service’. It is a new delivery service specifically for delivering goods & services in Islamabad & Rawalpindi on the same day. So in the twin cities & nearby areas, the residents would be able to send goods up to 20 kg via this service, as confirmed by the official sources. The business community of the cities can benefit from this service.

In order to help the clients, Pakistan Post has introduced specific desks at the chosen post offices of both the cities. Through SMS the clients will be kept up to date on the status of their mail. The goods, parcel or gift will be sent to their dear ones on the same day they did the delivery.

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From 11:30 daily the citizens of twin cities can avail this service.

The charges for the posts are Rs 150 on the first 500-gram weight. After that, on every 500-gram weight Rs 50 is added to the total weight.

Currently, the service is available in specific post offices in Islamabad. The post offices included are Post office at the PM office,  Islamabad GPO, F-7 Post Mall, Post office at F-10 Markaz, Post office at G-5 Foreign Service, Post office at G-10, G-9 Markaz, Post office at I-10/4, I-8/4, Post office at F-6 Markaz, Post office at F-8 Markaz, Post office at G-7 Markaz, Post office at G-8 Markaz, and Post office at I-9 Markaz.

Coming to Rawalpindi, the service is available in the Rawalpindi GPO, Post office at Katcheri, Post office at Urdu Bazar, Post office at Westridge, Post office at Lal Kurti, Post office at Gawalmandi, Post office at Bahria Town phase 8, 4 and Post office of Commercial Centre Satellite town, Rawalpindi.

A few months back the news came that the government of Pakistan will launch new services to pull Pakistan Post out from major losses. To remain in competition with the private sector, the government is introducing many new features and services as per the officials like ‘Labaiq Service’.