Pakistan Post Rest Houses Witnesses Full Booking

Pakistan Post rest houses

The Pakistan Post rest houses have witnessed full booking. The government opened the rest houses for the general public throughout Pakistan, last month. These opened for public rest houses witnessed a 100percent booking during the holidays of Eid-ul-Fitr owing to the cheaper rates and improved facilities for the tourists.

As per the official sources in the Pakistan Post, these rest houses witnessed a 100percent booking during the Eid days with 90percent advance booking for the remaining days of the month.

As per sources, the strategy was taken by the Minister for Communications and Postal Services—Murad Saeed which was in accordance with the vision of the Prime Minister for assuring better utilisation of the government-owned buildings and to promote tourism.

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The sources further added that with this step the official expenditures on the government rest houses had almost finished as the facilities had started to produce income.

They informed that a number of tourists had given preference to staying in the government rest houses over hiring rooms in some costly hotels. The citizens had extensively welcomed the initiative of opening rest houses by the Ministry of Postal Services.

Under the taken initiative, according to sources, the citizens could stay at the rest houses along with their families at reasonable charges varying from Rs.1,200 to Rs.3,000 on a per day basis.

They further revealed that the citizens were excited and happy for getting luxurious and cost-effective residential facilities at the government rest houses from Karachi to Kashmir.

In the meantime, the tourists staying in various rest houses lauded the decision of the Ministry of Postal Services for opening its rest houses under the PM’s vision for providing costlier residential facilities to the people for promoting tourism.

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