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Pakistan Post Introduces New Slabs for Registered Mail Service

Pakistan Post has introduced new slabs for its registered mail service. In order to help people and ease better transportation of mail this step has been taken. These slabs begin from 50 grams to 1 kilogram and 2 kilograms.

A Pakistan Post spokesperson said that these slabs will make sure that an average mail that weighs 2 kg will be billed as normal letters. Also, they said that for a global mail, the ticketing system will not be used. Instead of this the senders will be given money receipts.

He explained this and said that as people add additional tickets to the envelopes it becomes difficult to write the complete address of the recipient. He said that the Pakistan Post has been compelled to increase the cost of its international mail service. This is due to COVID-19 as the delivery service cost of airplanes has gone up.

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This new system will end the use of tickets on international mail. Also, instead of this senders will be given a receipt for money by Pakistan Post for international delivery.

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