Pakistan PM to Announce Visa-on-Arrival for 5 Countries including UAE

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will announce visa-on-arrival for 5 countries that does includes the UAE. Pakistan’s new visa policy will be announced today that will include UAE in the initial countries list.

According to Chaudhry Fawad Hussain the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, “Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to formally inaugurate the new relaxed visa regime on Thursday.”

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Visa-on-arrival would be initially granted to five preferred nations that are United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, China, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom (UK).

Furthermore, Fawad added that in the next phase 45 countries will be added to the list of visa-on-arrival. The policy will expand further and for members states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) it would include an on-arrival visa for a month.

Fawad Hussain said, “The basic aim is that we should not see Pakistan in the perspective of a security state and open the country for the world.”

The aim of the new visa regime was to boost tourism in the country, improve trade and attract foreign investment.

Earlier in January 2019 the Pakistan government made an announcement that it is planning to relax the travel restrictions in order to improve tourism in the country.   

Fawad said, “By introducing a new relaxed visa policy, we want to open up our country to tourists from around the world as Pakistan has been a ‘closed’ country for the last 70 years.”

There will be no restricted places for tourists nor there will be any restrictions on journalists visa. Fawad said, “Tourists can now go anywhere in Pakistan, they don’t need no-objection certificates (NOCs) anymore.”

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