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Pakistan plans to rank in top 50 economies for ease of doing business

Abdul Razak Dawood Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile Industry and production on Wednesday said, “Pakistan is working really hard towards elevating its ranking in ease of doing business, we are planning to rank the country in top 50 list in the next five years.

It is great to have passion and planning towards growth but Pakistan according to World Banks, 2018 rankings merely ranked at number 136-137 in ease of doing business, however, the country’s ranking has been improved as compared to previous year rankings, Pakistan jumped 11 points from 147 to 136 during the last one year.

India ranks at number 77 which is still not in the top 50 list, the top 10 list includes New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark, Hong Kong, Korea, Georgia, Norway, United States, United Kingdom and Macedonia FYR.

Pakistan has to work rigorously towards removing all barriers to doing business in Pakistan in order to get gallops up on the list. This also requires digital transformation of business, departments and public services which is the integral part digital economic growth.

The government has already took some initiatives in this regard by opening ease of doing business offices in various cities that will impart knowledge, understanding and required services for doing business in Pakistan. It was also reported last year, that Pakistan stood among the top 10 countries which improved their position in ease of doing business significantly.