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Pakistan Plans to Export Electricity to Tajikistan

Export Electricity

Pakistan plans to export electricity to Tajikistan.

Pakistan has officially urged the Tajikistan government to invoke the open access clause under the CASA-1000 agreement to allow the two-way trade of electricity.

Under the agreement, Pakistan is bound to import 1,000MW of electricity on a per day basis at 9.50 cents per unit in summers from May to October.

When the agreement was made by Pakistan in 2016-17, there was an acute power shortage in the country. But under the CPEC, many energy projects were started and now the country has got enough electricity during the Winters.

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Since the agreement is a two-way trade pact, Pakistan now wants to export electricity to the Kyrgyz Republic—Tajikistan and Afghanistan in the season of Winter using the same structure of the CASA project.

Waseem Mukhtar—the additional secretary power division who is attending the CAREC nations’ 2 days conference—Breaking the Investment Barrier in Central Asia, said that Pakistan would be taking up the matter during the next meeting.

He said that Pakistan would be taking up the issue and ask the electricity supplier nations to review the agreement under open access clause assuring the 2-way electricity trade arguing that Pakistan has now got enough electricity.

The project includes a 750-kilometer-long-high voltage, direct current transmission line between Pakistan and Tajikistan through Afghanistan.

The estimated cost of the project is nearly $1.7 billion. Along with the transmission line, converter stations would also be built in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. The nation has already gotten the land in Nowshera for establishing up a converter station.

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