Pakistan Petroleum Discovers Huge Reservoirs of Oil and Gas in Sindh

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Hydrocarbons and gases have been discovered in Sindh by the Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL). Hydrocarbons have been discovered at the Sanghar district and at the Exploration Well Benari in Sujawal district gas has been discovered. Both the discoveries have been made in the Sindh province.

The gas and condensate have been discovered from the Hadaf X-I (ST) well in District Sanghar, Sindh by the company operating Gambat South Block, with Government Holding Private Limited and Asia Resources Oil Limited having 65%, 25%, and 10% working interests respectively.

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PSX was notified by the company in the Massive Sand (Dept) of Lower Goru formation the drill stem testing flowed gas of 18.6 MMscfd, 160 barrel per day and 65 barrel of water per day at the wellhead pressure of 1,307 psi on 56/64” choke and gas of 12.1 MMscfd, 157 barrel per day a condensate 35 barrels of water per day that flowed at 2,290 psi pressure on 32/64” choke.

Pakistan Petroleum with Mari Petroleum Company Limited, Sindh Energy Holding Company Limited, and Government Holding Private Limited having 63%, 32%, and 2.5% working interest discovered gas from the Benari X-I (ST-2) exploration well in Sujawal Sindh.

Pakistan Petroleum Limited is a major player in the E&P sector with a high share in the gas supply of Pakistan. It is working heavily on hydrocarbon drilling.

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