Pakistan Partial Airspace Ban extended till May 30th – Research Snipers

Pakistan Partial Airspace Ban extended till May 30th

The airspace ban for flights to India has been extended till May 30th. There has been no progress between India, Pakistan at the bilateral level leading to the continuation of partial airspace ban extension.

On February 26th, Pakistan fully closed the airspace following Indian violation of its international boundary.

An official of the Civil Aviation Authority, “Pakistan on Wednesday reviewed lifting of its airspace ban for Indian flights and decided to extend it till May 30.”

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NOTAM was issued by the CAA informing them about the flight and route guidelines.

The official said, “The government will again review the matter on May 30.”

India also banned the airspace flights to Pakistan.

An official said, “It has been more than two-and-a-half-months but there is no progress in the lifting of the ban either by Pakistan or India. It is surprising that no backchannel diplomacy is used to show flexibility on this matter that is causing huge losses to both Indian and Pakistani flag carriers as well as foreign airlines.”

Pakistan has blamed India for not being ‘flexible’ in the matter.

Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Mohammad Faisal said, “We do not want to walk on this confrontational path. We have asked India to talk to us on all issues including terrorism and Jammu Kashmir as we want their peaceful resolution.”