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Pakistan on Alert over Possible Spread of Coronavirus from China

The concerned authorities have been directed by the health ministry to remain alert due to the possible spread of coronavirus from China. An emergency operation cell is established to monitor the situation.

The precautionary measures and a response mechanism was discussed by the Special Assistant to the PM on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza while chairing a meeting of senior officials. This meeting was held in the wake of the recent cases of Corona virus emerging across China. The virus has spread across five countries including the U.S.

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The participants of the meetings were told by the PM aide that the directorate of the health ministry that is dealing with the airport and port health services to maintain strict caution at the entry points and check passengers coming in from the affected areas.

He said, “The directorate has been advised to strengthen health desk and quarantine arrangements at the ports of entry.”

Every week there are 41 incoming flights from China to Pakistan

Mirza said, “I am writing to all chief ministers to ensure necessary arrangements in all the provinces,” said Mirza. “I am establishing contact with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) while we will also be working closely with the Embassy of China in Pakistan to deal with the crisis.”

There is no need to panic, as per the special assistant to the PM as the situation is being monitored.

The National Institute of Health Islamabad has been given directives by the PM’s aide to issue an advisory and alert to all provincial health departments most importantly at entry points and ground crossings at all airports.

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