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Pakistan offers ‘multidimensional strategic partnership’ to Russia for the first time

Pakistan has offered a ‘multidimensional strategic partnership’ to Russia for the first time.

A statement issued by Foreign Office said, “We believe that long-term multidimensional strategic partnership between the two countries will be mutually beneficial for the people of Pakistan and the Russian Federation and would contribute towards regional peace and stability.”

In recent times the Pakistan-Russia relationship has improved. Both the countries are finally ready to cooperate with each for the protection of their mutual interests.

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Now for the first time, Pakistan has taken a step ahead and expressed a wish to forget old conflicts and take relationship with Russia to next level by offering a strategic partnership. It seems that Pakistan has shifted its support from the USA to Russia.

Also, Russia is also opening doors for Pakistan, as its own long-term ally, India is developing ties with the USA.

Foreign Office spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal said, “Pakistan-Russia friendship is fast evolving into a mature partnership. Relations between the two countries are today characterized by mutual trust, commonality of interests, and convergence of views on important regional and global issues.

The spokesperson added. “Both countries have similar stakes in durable peace and stability in their common neighborhood, and harbor shared aspirations for regional development and prosperity.”

He informed that upward flight is upheld via continued high-level cooperation through the reliable institutional mechanism and strengthening relations in trade & commerce, banking & finance, agriculture, industry, defense, education, energy and tech field.

Faisal informed,  “The two countries have also collaborated closely at international forums including the UN. Russia has been a strong supporter of Pakistan’s membership of SCO  which affords another useful platform for close cooperation on matters of common concern.”

He clearly stated that for Pakistan, Russia is an essential global power and an important development partner.

China, Pakistan, and Russia have to come to a certain consensus regarding major issues. Unlike the Trump govt, all the three countries want a settlement for the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.