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Pakistan No More on US National Security Threat List

National Security Threat List

Pakistan is now officially off the National Security Threat List of the United States for the first time ever in history.

The decision was taken by the United States council of foreign affairs. Though the reason behind this decision is not known, it is believed that the foreign policy of the present government had paved the way to improving the relations with the global players, which includes the US.

The US maintains a list of nations which its think tanks take as a threat to the nation and Pakistan has been on the list since decades. But it is apparent now from the decision that the perception among the apex brass of the United States foreign policy has changed in recent times which is something good for Pakistan.

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As per the latest updates, the US acknowledged the role of Pakistan in the peace dialogue between the United States, Taliban and the government of Afghanistan.

Pakistan had a sloppy kind of image in the eyes of the foreign think tanks. It is pertinent to mention that with the efforts of the government of Pakistan and the security forces results are coming which are evident from the decrease in the incidents of terrorism. The tourism sector is flourishing, and the foreigners are now considering it safe to travel to Pakistan in comparison to the past.

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