Pakistan Navy confiscated smuggled Alcohol worth Rs.70 million – Research Snipers

Pakistan Navy confiscated smuggled Alcohol worth Rs.70 million

Pakistan Navy along with Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) has seized a large container filled with alcohol which was being smuggled through the Arabian Sea, the smuggling effort was being made through international sea routes. However, smugglers tried to sink the ship and escape through speedboats.

According to the Director-General PMSA Rear, Admiral Zaka Ur Rehman informed during a media conference at MSA headquarters yesterday. Pakistan customs officers were also there during the media brief.

During the media conference, Rear Admiral Zaka Ur Rehman told media that Pakistan Navy and PMSA has made a joint effort to apprehend a large quantity of liquor which was being smuggled through international routes into the country.

Due to regular surveillance and patrolling of the area in the Arabian sea, the operation was successful, Maritime Security Operations in Pakistan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) was already being conducted in the area—Zaka added.

He further elaborated the apprehended items including 9,392 bottles of liquor and 45,218 cans of beer, the total market value of the items is around Rs.70 million.

Zaka said, “The smugglers were smart and vigilant, when they saw PN and PMSA ships were surrounding them in an open sea, they made a hole in the ship and let it capsize in the sea and they took the speedboats and escaped the scene. However, PN and PMSA rushed to escape the sinking ship and successfully managed to confiscate all the liquor loaded on the ship. The bottles that were in the custody of PN and PMSA has now been handed over to Pakistan customs for further legal proceedings.”

The PN spokesperson also told media that Pakistan Navy Ship ASLAT has also seized 5000 Kilograms of Hashish in February 2018 during an extended operation in North Arabian Sea, that was valued at millions of dollars.

PMSA is the law enforcement agency in Pakistan in EEZ area in order to maintain strong surveillance at the sea with its ships and aircraft to stop illegal activities on the ports and surrounding areas.