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How to Join Pakistan Motor Rally organized by Pak Army from October 21-31 ?

Pakistan Motor Rally is organized by Pakistan Army from October 21 to October 31. The aim of the rally is to celebrate the 70 years of Pakistan Independence.

As per Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the media wing of the army “Pakistan Motor Rally” will start from October 21st and end on October 31st.

There will be 300 jeeps, 500 bikers, and 150 vintage vehicles in this rally. 23 motor clubs across Pakistan have provided these vehicles.

The route of this rally will be this

Initiating from Khunjrab to Gilgit, Islamabad, South Waziristan, Quetta, Karachi, and ending its journey at Gwadar. The rally will cover 3,000 kilometers.

ISPR statement said, “The routes and areas selected for the rally are relatively less visible, developed with extraordinary efforts and serve as seeds of prosperity for Pakistan.”

The aim of this rally is to promote the beauty of Pakistan from its adventurous sports to tourism, cultural history, and strong heritage.

Now those who want to join this rally here is the link for registration

You need to make an account and then register to the rally.

There are certain rules defined if you want to join this Rally. These include you willingly joining the rally and accepting ‘the risk of driving on the stretch of road that makes up the rally site, knowing that it may be dangerous’.

To read the complete list of rules visit this link

Here is the link of Pakistan Motors Rally, for any updates you need

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