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Pakistan Missionary Hospital May Revive Again

Punjab government has been directed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar to revive the missionary hospital in Lahore. CJ Nisar has asked for the restoration of United Christian Hospital (UCH), the oldest missionary hospital. It was established back in 1948. The Christian community is quite hopeful that the hospital will be restored and will regain its lost glory.

Punjab Chief Secretary Dr. Amjad Saqib has been directed by the CJP to give the funds for the revival of the hospital.

On CJP visit to the hospital, he witnessed the medical condition, different wards & sections, emergency area, operation theaters, and various facilities. He found out that due to lack of funds and unavailability of doctors the condition of the hospital was just pathetic. Patients were suffering due to the absence of medicines and no proper treatment.

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Thus after his visit, CJP held a meeting with the management of UCH and discussed the problems. He then decided to restore the hospital and provide better health care facilities to the patients.

A graduate of Kinnaird College University and a teacher Ozma Siddiqui said,  “As a young person I was very impressed with the level of cleanliness and quality of equipment. Had I taken up nursing as my vocation, I would have had a very different story to tell, but nonetheless as rewarding or as noble as the teaching profession I took to later.”

She said that the CJP has intervened in the matter at the right time and hopefully it will improve the quality of the hospital and the condition of the patients.