Pakistan May Run Out of Water by 2025

As the current situation goes, Pakistan might run out of water supply by  2025 unless some action is taken.  Pakistan is facing severe water shortages, which is having a bad impact on country’s economy and the general public health.

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Muslim League (PML) Central Leader Moonis Elahi said this during the meeting of party’s policy development group held on Wednesday. He was critical of the projects started by the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). He believes that PMLN has criminally used up vital funds on showoff projects like Lahore Orange Line Metro Train and metro bus projects while the major water crisis has been ignored.

He quoted a study by Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources that states that the demand for water in Pakistan will increase by 274 MAF by 2025 and its supply will be reduced to 191 MAF. Thus a gap of 83 MAF will be created between demand and supply.

He criticized the overpopulation in Pakistan along with inadequate water management and poor use of funds. He said that funds are not allocated to build a sustainable water infrastructure which is a complete failure of PML-N.

He warned,  “We are a water-intensive economy. Pakistan’s agriculture won’t survive if water shortage forecasts came true.”

He condemned the ruling party for not being able to create a national consensus to build Kalabagh Dam.

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