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Pakistan Manufacturing and Exporting Cranes


Pakistan has gotten into the making and exporting of cranes.

Pakistan might not be into car manufacturing presently but when it comes to the making of other general use automobiles like the buses and trucks, Pakistan is not lagging behind at all.

Javaid Industrial Company—JIC who have been doing the construction of cranes for tractors, diesel trucks and for other vehicles. These cranes are built on top of Hino trucks. The company has given its trucks fitted with these cranes to many constructions and other firms in the different industries with their trucks.

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In recent times, the Javaid Company completed an entire huge transaction in which the firm exported a bunch of these highly effective and durable trucks to Bangladesh. These cranes are high-quality which makes them a likely purchase for the large firms like waste management firms, electricity firms, construction companies and more.

It is a good thing to see that such complex equipment is being manufactured in Pakistan and now finally being exported too. This would definitely add to the economic growth of the country if more and more nations purchase these cranes from Pakistan.

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