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Pakistan, Malaysia Inks Extradition Treaty

Extradition Treaty

On Tuesday, Pakistan and Malaysia signed an extradition treaty. The treaty was signed by the foreign minister Shaha Mehmood Qureshi and the law minister of Malaysia, as per the reports of local media.

PM Khan and the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammed witnessed the ceremony at the office of the Prime Minister in Putrajaya where the treaty was inked.

The Malaysian PM at a joint press conference alongside with the prime minister of Pakistan said that the treaty was imposed positive momentum in the bilateral ties by boosting the security and transnational crime cooperation.

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He said that any criminal may that be a terrorist or an ordinary criminal, who has done some crime in Malaysia and is trying to hide in some other country with which they have extradition, would be able to get the refuge.

PM Khan termed the extradition treaty as a significant achievement in the cooperation with the Malaysian law enforcement division.

He also indicated that a wanted criminal of Pakistan involved in multiple murders was extradited from Malaysia even before the agreement was inked.

PM Khan also said that he has taken the decision against attending the latest summit in Kuala Lumpur as one of the close allies of Pakistan thought that the summit in the creative division in the Muslim world. He said that he feels sorry for not becoming a part of the moot.

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