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Pakistan Leading the List of Illegal Overstayers After Umrah Season 2016-2017

Pakistan is on the top list of nations that have the largest count of illegal pilgrims overstaying after the 2016-2017 Umrah season as per the reports of Arab news.

According to the report, a count of total six thousand nine hundred and five Pakistani pilgrims overstayed illegally after the Umrah season was over.

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Following Pakistan in the list was Nigeria with a count of one thousand six hundred and twenty-nine and then was Egypt with the count of one thousand and eighty-one.

Indonesia was on the fourth position in the list with a count of five hundred and twenty-nine. Previously Indonesia topped the list of illegally overstaying pilgrims in the 2015-2016 Umrah season. Sudan followed Indonesia in the list.

As per the article published in the Saudi Gazette in the month of February, the Kingdom deported more than thirty-nine thousand Pakistanis in the four months before the report on the violation of rules relating work and residence was published.

More than hundred Pakistanis were deported by the Saudi Arabia government on the verdict of overstaying in the Gulf state in 2015. One of the officials at that time stated that most of these traveled to Kingdom on Umrah visa and later slipped around to find work.

An important meeting was arranged by the National Committee for Hajj and Umrah which majorly stressed upon the importance of complying with the new system recently revealed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. The Umrah companies were told to adhere to the new system.

This meeting was held on Sunday in Makkah, it was also decided during the meeting that this year Umrah specified days would be three-hundred, beginning from the first of Muharram to the thirtieth of Shawwal as per Hijri calendar and that the Umrah arranging firm must work over twelve months with full-time employees.

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