Pakistan is the World’s Second Largest Host of Refugees

The year 2018 witnessed the highest number of people fleeing from war, persecution, and conflict and taking refuge in other countries. In this article, we will tell our readers about the top origin countries for refugees and top hosting countries for those refugees. Pakistan hosts the second most refugees in the world, with Turkey being the leader in this regard.

Turkey hosts 3.7 million refugees in total and claims to have the largest refugee population in the world while Pakistan has the second highest refugee population hosting 1.4 million refugees.

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Over 70 million people fled from their countries in 2018 as per the UN’s Refugee Agency UNHCR. The annual Global Trends Report by UNHCR revealed that the number of people who forcibly displaced is double the level that was 20 years ago.

This figure can have more accuracy as for instance around 4 million Venezuelans fled from their country during the crisis but only around a half a million of them formally applied for asylum. Thus those who didn’t apply are not added in the UNHCR figure of 70 million.

The top-10 countries of origin for refugees account for 82 percent in 2018. 57% of the refugees are just from three countries that are Syria, Afghanistan, and South Sudan.

The top-most country of origin for refugees was Syria with 6.7 million recorded refugees in 2018. The Syrian refugees are hosted by 127 countries but 85% of them have remained in the Middle East.

Turkey hosts the largest population of refugees followed by Pakistan. Refugees originating from Afghanistan and South Sudan are 2.7 million and 2.3 million respectively.

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