“Pakistan is taking bold steps to meet climate change challenges,” says United Nations

The government of Pakistan is taking bold steps to meet the climate change challenges, Patricia Espinosa– the executive Secretary United Nations Climate Change Conference said.

While talking to Malik Amin Aslam— the Advisor to Prime Minister of Pakistan regarding Climate Change, the UN official said that the steps taken by PM Khan and the Pakistani government regarding environmental challenges are inspiring.

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She further said that the billion trees program initiated by the government will also play an important role to overcome the impacts of environmental challenges. “Pakistan will play a leadership role in the future,” she added.

The State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir, earlier on November 27, said that the PTI-led government of Pakistan was committed to mitigating the negative effects of climate change on the crops.

While talking to the media persons, the state minister said that the government of Pakistan will leave no stone unturned in minimizing the effects of environmental challenges on the county’s agriculture sector.

“The government of Pakistan banned the bricks kilns in six zones and the steel factories of Wagah to tackle the ongoing smog threats in Punjab”, the minister added.

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