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Pakistan is A Priority for China to Combat Against Coronavirus; Says Yao Jing

Pakistan is A Priority for China

Yao Jing, the China’s ambassador to Pakistan has said that Pakistan is a priority for China to combat against the coronavirus.

As per the reports of local media, Mr Jing while addressing a ceremony that was held in the honour of the medical staff of China that has reached Pakistan to help during the coronavirus crisis, on Sunday, said that China stands firm with Pakistan in this hour of need.

He said that China has made great start into curbing the spread of the deadly virus and stands with Pakistan in their hour of need. Yao Jing referred to Pakistan as the “iron brother” of China.

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The Chinese ambassador said that the deadly pathogen has become a major challenge for the whole world and unity and self-isolation are the only ways for handling the crisis.

Yao Jing also added that Pakistan was the first priority of China among every other country in the world who are presently indulged in combating against the coronavirus.

He also said that he is definite that with the assistance of China, Pakistan would soon be able to get a hold on the situation and control the spread of the disease like China did.

The coronavirus cases count of Pakistan has increased to 1,526 on Sunday, as per the latest statistics that were revealed by the National Command and Control Centre.

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