Pakistan invited Mahathir Mohammad as a special guest on Pakistan Day March 23

mahathir mohammad

Pakistan has formally invited Mr. Mahathir Mohammad Prime Minister of Malaysia to visit Pakistan and appear as a chief guest in Pakistan day on March 23.

The growing interest between Pakistan and Malaysia makes is plausible for Pakistan to invite Malaysian Prime Minister as Chief Guest on Pakistan day March 23. Previously, Pakistan invited Sri Lankan President to attend Pakistan Day Parade on March 23.

However, Pakistan looks more inclusive and engaging this time, the PM Imran Khan also expected to invite other world leaders in the event. According to Pakistan’s High Commission in Malaysia, Mr. Nafees Zakaria personally met Mahathir Mohammad and formally invited him to for a state visit.

Zakaria also informed that Prime Minister Imran Khan was satisfied with his visit to Malaysia on November 20, he said Pakistan will send skilled workforce to Malaysia and investors from Malaysia will come and invest in Pakistan.

Pakistan has cordially invited Dr. Mahathir Mohammad to visit Pakistan on March 23 which he has accepted, he added.

The growing ties between Pakistan and Malaysia will create more opportunities for both countries, Malaysian investors are also interested in doing business in Pakistan, the government of Malaysia has also reviewed visa requirement policy and made a deal to partially end the visa requirement.

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