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Pakistan Introduces New Advanced Identification System Across All Airports

New Advanced Identification System

Pakistan has introduced a new advanced identification system across all the airports of Pakistan.

The Federal Board of Revenue—FBR has launched a new passenger identification system at all the airports in the country for the procurement and prevention of activities like money laundering and smuggling.

The Customs department of Pakistan has introduced a risk management system for recognizing the travelers at the 7 airports in the country. Under this system the pre-identification of passengers would be possible.

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As per a statement, the system is designed for keeping in mind the implementation of the Financial Action Task Force—FATF action plan.

With the implementation of the system, the drug smugglers and money launderers would be apprehended.

On the other hand, the real estate industry of Pakistan is doing well. As was learnt by a shop owner, having a shop in one of the big malls of Pakistan. According to him many businesses are opting for online mode of business as to have a physical presence is expensive.

He mentioned that the shop rents in the big shopping malls of the country are higher than what they are in the US.

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