Pakistan Introduces an Electric Vehicles’ Initiative to Decrease Air Pollution

electric vehicles

PM Khan has given approval to a new policy on the 10th of June that is aimed at curbing and reducing the pollution levels and the negative effects of that on the climate change in the nation. The government has introduced an electric vehicles initiative for shifting everyday usage automobiles to electric power.

The policy encompassed trucks, rickshaws, buses, motorbikes as well as the regular 4-wheeled cars. It includes placing a series of incentives for the makers to develop better Electric vehicles (EVs) and incentives for the consumers too, to use these vehicles.

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The objective behind the initiative for Pakistan is to have a substantial amount of electric vehicles in the nation. The number of them should be enough to improve on the current levels of air pollution. The transportation system of the country is anticipated to bring in 5k electric motorbikes and rickshaws and more than 1k 4-wheeled automobiles like trucks, buses and cars by the year 2025. There is an ultimate goal set for the year 2030, where a minimum of 30 per cent automobiles running in the nation would be EVs.

Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) Director General, Abdul Waheed Khan lauded the step taken by the government and said that they are waiting for more details.

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