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Pakistan Installs Its First Locally-Made Sanitiser Walkthrough Gate

Locally-Made Sanitiser Walkthrough Gate

The district administration of Jhang has installed Pakistan’s first locally-made sanitiser walkthrough gate at the vegetable and fruit market.

The walkthrough gate is the third of its kind in the world. Similar facilities were installed in the US and Turkey, as claimed by the district administration of Jhang. The selection of the spot for installing the gate is also crucial, considering the influx of thousands of customers who pay visit to the market for buying the essential commodities.

The fruit and vegetable markets have been granted the permit to remain open during the current lockdown imposition for controlling the spread of the coronavirus.

The walkthrough comprises of a frame using iron pipes with a fibreglass sheet on its exterior.

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The iron frame is inserted with nozzles. A big drum of the chlorinated water is placed at some distance from the sanitiser gate which passes the water to the nozzles that are installed inside, with the help of the electric motor.

The narrow cervices of the nozzles and the pressure built by the motor convert the water to vapour which takes in every individual passing via the gate, thus killing all types of germs on the body of the person, including the coronavirus.

The gate was made at a cost of Rs.175,000 and could cater to a larger number of people to pass through it a time. Smaller gates that could handle 3-4 people at a time could be built at a cost of Rs.100,000 per unit.

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As per the claims of the district administration the technology was already being used in the US and Turkey and that Pakistan is the third country to use it.

As per reports, the time taken to make the facility is 5 to 6 hours. As the time taken for the making of these walkthrough gates is less hence, more gates could be installed outside the mosques, banks, grocery shops, pharmacies and other places that attract crowds.

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