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Pakistan initiates performing tests on the coronavirus suspects

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It has been reported that the National Institute of Health (NIH) Islamabad started performing the screening tests on the suspected patients affected with the Coronavirus, which took lives of the as many as 350 people in China.

According to the details, the testing kits were imported from China and the authorities in Pakistan could test the presence of the coronavirus in a patient. The report of the virus test will be compiled within 24-hours of the test.

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As per the details, the each kit imported from China cost 2000 US dollars and could be used to perform tests on as many as 50 patients. The officials further said that the Rs7,000 will be charges from each patient for the coronavirus test.

The National Institute of Health has also devised a standard operating procedure (SOP) for carrying out the tests on the suspected patients. The details further said that not every patient would undergo a test unless he shows the key symptoms of the coronavirus.

It is worth mentioning here that designated-hospitals will submit the samples for test and they will be bound to send the patient’s sample along with a report on symptoms.

Due to increasing concerns about the deadly Coronavirus outbreak, an online portal for Coronavirus has been developed which provides live information on Coronavirus reports and deaths.

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